A Charming Love Story

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I love stories. On this blog, the focus is on the stories told in words. But there are so many different ways people share their stories. Photographs are a wonderful way. I recently saw a story on the news about a man who would choose strangers on the street and pose and photograph them. The photos were amazingly beautiful and intimate.

It’s wonderful to see people breaking down barriers when the world seems to becoming more and more an instant messenger. Mind you, “I love you”, are three simple words that can mean the world. But to me, they lose a certain intimacy when spread through Facebook or Twitter. I admit that as a woman in her fifties, I don’t fully get the mass communication route for some intimate messages. And don’t get me started on Kim Kardashian’s swimsuit shot and her lover’s tweet.

Having never really considered myself a romantic or old-fashioned, I realize I yearn for days when people wrote letters to each other and talked on the phone. These forms of communication seem much more intimate than the more modern versions.

It also makes clearer what drew me to my new business.  I mentioned in a post last year that I had become a custom designer for Origami Owl Jewelry.  One of the things I love about it is helping people tell their stories.  And there is something a little old-fashioned about taking the time to choose just the right charms and dangles to tell that story.

As a learning experience, I created a YouTube movie of Valentine Day charms. Each one is a love story that I set to Frank Sinatra singing My Little Valentine. It’s my first try at creating such a thing so be gentle.

What story would you tell…in words….in pictures….with jewelry…or in any other way?  If you feel comfortable, please share your story with me.


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