A New Year

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December was a crazy and unproductive month for me so I’m skipping my contemplating December and moving on. Although I do want to thank my guest author for her wonderful post in December’s The Writer’s Connection. Katharine Britton wrote a wonderful post that evoked some thoughtful comments from this blog’s readers. If you missed it, check out Turning Words into Conversations.

2014 book

It’s a new year and I’ve set some goals for reading in the new year. I didn’t achieve my modified reading goal for 2013. My initial goal was met and then increased about half way through 2013. This year, I’m planning on decreasing my books read. My 2014 goal is 36 books or an average of 3 a month. I may read more than that but with my current schedule I want to be thoughtful about the books I read. I’ve already chosen 12 of the books by signing up for Roofbeam Reader’s 2014 TBR challenge. Another twelve books will be determined by in IRL book club. That leaves another 12 books to decide on throughout the year.

I completed my first book for 2014, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. Although I don’t know if its fair to count it since it was started in 2013 but I’m counting it. The next book up is Wild for the book club and then the first book for the TBR challenge which I haven’t chosen yet.

My other book related goal for the month is to create a book locket. Last year I announced that I had begun selling Origami Owl jewelry which has lockets and charms. I’m in the process of designing my first book locket based on one of my favorite books from last year. As soon as I have it done, I’ll post it for your reviews.

That’s the book news for this week. In other news I’m living in an area of the country which is looking at a cold snap. Here’s the picture of my next few days.

Monday weather

I anticipate that I will be reading tomorrow. All my errands were completed today in the balmy 31 degree weather today. So I leave you with this poem.

winter cold

Happy New Year!  Here’s hoping that the new year brings you a lot of great books to read.


3 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Rebecca says:

    Great post. I’m looking forward to the book reading in two weeks

  2. I’m excited to do the TBR challenge, too! Also exciting that you read Hotel!!! I loooooove Jamie Ford and Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet was so good! You’ll have to also add his newest one – Songs of Willow Frost 😀

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