Teaser Tuesday – Little Island

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is courtesy of Miz B’s Should Be Reading Blog. Each Tuesday I will post a snippet from a book I’m reading, or just finished reading. The name and author of the book as well a brief synopsis of the book is included.

Little Island
Katharine Britton

By the water
Have fun!

These are Joy’s grandmother’s last words—left behind on a note. A note that Joy’s mother, Grace, has interpreted as instructions for her memorial service. And so, the far-flung clan will gather at their inn on Little Island, Maine, to honor her.

Joy can’t help dreading the weekend. Twenty years ago, a tragedy nearly destroyed the family—and still defines them. Joy, Grace, her father Gar, and twins Roger and Tamar all have their parts to play. And now Joy, facing an empty nest and a nebulous future, feels more vulnerable than ever to the dangerous currents running through her family.

But this time, Joy will discover that there is more than pain and heartbreak that binds them together, when a few simple words lift the fog and reveal what truly matters…

The Teaser:

Little IslandI didn’t think my mother would have chosen this weekend for my grandmother’s memorial service had she remembered that Friday was the twentieth anniversary of the crash, and yet I couldn’t imagine that she’d forgotten. No mother could forget such a thing. So, I’d begun to believe it was a sign: all of us together again, with the “outlaws,” as Daddy humorously (if unoriginally) refers to my husband, Stuart and to my sister’s husband, Daniel. I took a large gulp of coffee but couldn’t swallow. My throaat felt constricted, something hard lodged there, as each passing moment carried my son further away, and my journey to Little Island closer.

blue line plus

Katharine is the guest author for The Writer’s Connection this month. Stop by on Thursday to read her guest post.

Let me know what you think of the teaser.   Did it encourage you to put in on your to be read list? or to do some more reasearch?  Are you ready to purchase your own copy? If you use one of the links below I get a small fee that helps feed my addiction to books and offsets the small blogs costs.


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