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World Book Night 2014

A few weeks ago I asked my fellow book bloggers about campaigns or fundraising being done in the book blogosphere to increase literacy.  Soon after I learned about the World Book Night.  This is a campaign to spread the love of reading to people who have no or reduced access to books.  Every year 30 – 35 titles are chosen to be given out to these individuals.  Member of the public can apply to give out 20 copies of one of these books to members of their community.  On April 23 of each year those chosen, give out books to the public.  Why April 23rd?  April 23 is the UNESCO International Day of the Book, as well as Shakespeare’s birthday.

My goal is to apply and if chosen give the books to people where I work.  I  work in a community mental health facility.  One of my co-workers just started A Little Free Library in our lobby so I hope to add to the books available to our clients through WBN.  I plan on focusing on adults and I haven’t yet chosen the book I’d like to give away.

If you’re interested in applying to be a volunteer you can apply here.  Take a look at the wide variety of books that were chosen this year.  It’s an exciting program and an opportunity to share my love of reading with others.


4 thoughts on “World Book Night

  1. Don’t wait to apply! And I’m so jealous of the Free Little Library! I want to start one sooooooo badly!!!!

  2. I’m excited about World Book Night. I need to get started. They say in the application process that brevity is not recommended in your answers.

  3. I’m really excited about World Book Night, too, especially because the titles for this year are so great. Can’t wait to participate!

  4. Shannon have you participated in previous years?

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