The Guest List

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We’ve all played that game, if you could only have five books on a desert island, which ones would you choose? Today however, I’m going to create a guest list of authors I’d like to invite for dinner. I’ve given thought to the number of guests and I’m thinking 6 would be good. It’s allows for a nice variety of individuals but not so many that I don’t get a chance to talk with each individually. Of course some thought has to be given to how the guests will interact with each other as well…or maybe not.

David Sedaris

David SedarisHave I ever mentioned my all encompassing love for David Sedaris?  Oh, I have? Okay, well it should come as no surprise that he is on my guest list then.  I imagine that not only will he keep the party lively but he will use the party as a source of material for years to come.


Ruth Ozecki

Ruth OzeckiShe is new on my list.  I had the chance to see her speak and I found her funny, bright and an unabashed feminist.  I’d love to spend time with her learning more about mindfulness, Japanese culture, physics and anything else she chose to speak about.  The talk I went to was taped and is here.  I encourage you to bop over there and enjoy every minute of it.  Then make sure to put her on your guest list as well.


Neil Gaiman

Neil GaimanI’m a new convert to Neil Gaiman.  I read The Ocean at the End of the Lane and was hooked.  I’ve since read The Graveyard Book and am now reading The American Gods.  I just adore his mythology and his twist on ghouls and goblins.


Nora Roberts

Nora RobertsI can hear the exclamations now. Nora Roberts!  The romance writer? Yes, the romance writer. I really enjoy her books.  I particularly enjoy the ones that have some relationship to magic. One of my favorites of her series is the Three Sisters Trilogy. I’ve read it more than once.  And I have no worries that she can hold her own with this group.

Stephen King

Stephen KingI’ve been a fan of Stephen King for a long time.  It’s interesting because I rarely like the movies of his books but I love his books.  He’s got a great imagination and he keeps me guessing.  My favorite of his is probably The Stand although I really liked Under the Dome as well.


I think I will leave it at five. With me it will be six and a perfect boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl.  There are others I’d like to meet but what I like about this group is that although talented I don’t think I would be overly intimidated by them. Each one appears to have a charm or easy going style about them which would make the gathering enjoyable and laid back.

So what about you?  Who would you invite to a dinner party?










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