Contemplating October

contemplating october

Blog Upgrades

They may be small things, but I learned a few new tricks and hope they make my posts more visually appealing.  It’s rather embarrassing to admit that I was missing some basic functions because I didn’t know what the button “kitchen sink” did. But now I can change text color and underline and other basic editing tasks. I also learned some code to increase text size.

I’ve also been using more images in the posts, including one post in which I embedded a YouTube video.  I have to say it’s also one of my favorite posts because it was a topic close to my heart.  This post was part of my Sunday series which is now known as “Reveries and Musings.”

The blog also debuted a new monthly feature, “The Writer’s Connection. ”  Stephanie Carroll, author of A White Room, was the first contributor.  This feature asks writers to write a guest post on the theme of this blog, how books foster connection.  Stephanie’s post, Baring the Soul Through Fiction set the bar for upcoming authors.


None, not one.


Ruth OzeckiI had the good fortune of attending a talk by Ruth Ozecki, author of the man-booker short listed book, The Tale for the Time Being.  The University of Wisconsin Madison chose this book for their big read this year.  The audience swelled to 1,000 people, I think.  She was a wonderful speaker; funny, smart and a feminist!  I’ll be posting on my experience down the road along with another giveaway of an autographed copy of her book.

Books I Finished

I discovered Neil Gaiman. How is it possible that I have not read anything by this wonderful author until this past month?  I also finished the second book in the Georgia Davis mystery series.

Graveyard Book   the ocean at the end of the lane  Doubleback

Coming Up

To Be Read this Month:

school of essential ingredients

This book is the November pic for my IRL book club, Wishfully Reading.




To Listen to on Audio:

The Nazi and the Psychiatrist

I’ve had this one downloaded for about a month but for some reason I can’t get it to play on my smart audio app on my phone.  This is my challenge for this month, get it to work.  I’m really excited to listen to this one.



american gods

This will be the third Gaiman audiobook but the first not narrated by the author himself.  I bought the audible 10th anniversary edition with a full cast of actors.




Blog Features

The Writer’s Connection will feature a guest post by Holly Robinson author of The Wishing Hill.

Author Events:

The last author event of this year is David Sedaris.  I’ll be seeing him this coming Monday.  Some of you may remember I have a bit of a crush on David.  I’ll try not to make much of a idiot of myself but I can make no promises.

BrandyAlthough not a book related event, I cannot close this edition without mentioning that I had to put my dog Brandy to sleep this past Monday.  Brandy was a dog that I bought for my mother for her birthday in 2010.  She was surrendered to a Humane Society at the age of 15.  Brandy came to live with me last year when my parents could no longer take care of her.  Brandy brought much love and joy to my parents and then to me over the last three years.  She is bounding happily at the Rainbow Bridge.

What were the highlights of October for you?


2 thoughts on “Contemplating October

  1. I could answer this one here or over on your post “Can You Hear Me Now?” but I wanted to let you know I like that you figured out how to increase the text size. I think that’s always important. Also I can hear you. 🙂 I like what you’re saying, even if, and maybe because, it’s not all reviews or memes. Personally I don’t like going to a blog and that’s all it is: reviews and memes. I like to hear more from the blogger than just that.

  2. Thanks Bryan for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Sometimes I feel like that Verizon man who is calling out from the middle of a field, not sure if anyone can hear me. It’s nice to know someone does.

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