Tis the Season

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No, not Christmas but Halloween. One thing I’ve noticed since taking my book discussion on-line is that there are reading seasons. There are at least three Spooky reading challenges going on in the book blogging community. Isn’t it funny but I never really thought to myself, “Oh, Halloween is coming up, I should find some scary reads.” Now that it has come to my attention, I feel rather idiotic for not thinking of it myself.

My book reading history tended to revolve around what looked interesting at the moment. If there were 5 books I wanted to read, I’d get them, read them and then move on to the next. The most planning I’ve done is to get abreast of when the next in a favorite series was coming out.

So here I am, it’s Halloween season and I’ve got nothing to read. Well, that’s not true, I probably have over 400 books in digital and paper and ink formats. But I just don’t feel like I can put aside the books that I already have planned. So I’ve decided to think about book reading in seasons for the future.

Some of these will revolve around reading challenges created by other bloggers. And I hope to create some challenges of my own next year when I have my feet sturdier beneath me as a blogger. I’ve already started to think of a challenge around woman’s history month in March and a GLBT one for June. And I will definitely plan for reading spooky stories around Halloween.

What do you do? Do you plan reading subjects around various times of the year or holidays? Do you have favorite reading holidays? What are some of your favorite reading challenges that you recommend I paticipate in next year?Any ideas are appreciated as I start my book calendar for 2014.


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