The Bookstore

Author: Deborah MeylerThe Bookstore
Format: e pub
Source: Publisher through Netgalley
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date: August 20, 2013
Length: 352 pages



I enjoyed this book right away.  Esme Garland is a young woman from England studying at Columbia university for her Ph.D in art history.  She has an artist’s view of New York city and it was fun to see the city through her eyes.  She is young and excited by the city and all it has to offer.  One of the things it offers Esme is Mitchell van Leuven a wealthy city native who picks up Esme at an art showing.

Esme finds herself pregnant and Mitchell doesn’t want the baby.  Now Esme needs to find a way to earn extra money while on a student visa.  Enter The Owl, a used bookstore with an eccentric group of people.  It was easy to picture George, the owner who insisted on organic cleaners and food while he had a stuffed owl as bookstore decor.  Then there’s Luke a guitar playing book selling clerk who doesn’t say much except through music.  The customers each have their own quirks and anyone wants a book off the top ten list learns quickly that The Owl is not the place to find it.  A few homeless men find books to sell George or help set up to earn a few extra dollars.  It’s a store in which people who might not have a place of their own in the world are welcomed.

It was fun to see Esme, an English girl with some that English reserve taking each new twist and turn in stride.  The books real charm is the character Esme.  She is bright and charming and she sees New York with a newcomers awe. The real journey of this book is watching Esme grow into the person she becomes

This isn’t a book that will change the world but it will provide the reader with  a lot of enjoyment throughout the reading experience.  Recommended for a fun, light reading experience

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