Gone Girl

Gone GirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Audio version
5/5 for plot characterization and writing
5/5 performance
2/5 based on my own personal reaction

Wow that seems like quite a divide. Let me start out by saying that Gillian Flynn has written this book masterfully. The characters were very convincing. When they spoke they came alive. She kept me guessing as to who did what and what would happen next. I really enjoyed the structure of the book. Nick’s character tells the story from the time of Amy’s disappearance forward. Amy’s character is telling the story through diary entrys from when they met.

The narration was very good. This book has two narrators one for Nick and one for Amy. Both narrators performed very well. Even when the narrators had to speak as another character they made changes to tone or speech pattern that let the listener know they were speaking as someone else. The production was more a radio play than pure narration and kept me thoroughly engaged.

As for my own reaction, this will be encased in a spoiler tag. Please be aware that if you read the spolier you will read how the book ends. (view spoiler)[ The ending of this book was totally depressing and I felt like I had wasted my precious time with people who were not worth my time. Amy is a sociopath who sets up her husband, decides to return to him when he comes to heel and then manipulates him into staying with her in the end. She gets away with everything. Yuck. Life is too short to spend with such unattarctive people. (hide spoiler)] Based on my own subjective opinion I most likely will not be reading more of Gillian’s books. Too dark for me.

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2 thoughts on “Gone Girl

  1. Samadrita says:

    This book polarizes opinion so much. I hope to read this soon, if not for enjoyment but only to satisfy mild curiosity. I read Flynn’s Sharp Objects a few months ago and found it very mediocre.

  2. ladykaren330 says:

    I’ve promised myself not to read anymore of her books. It’s not that they’re poorly written. I just hated the ending. For the most part it had enough twists to keep me interested.

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